Donington Park Qualifying Report


15 April 2017

The Donington Park qualifying session this afternoon proved to be a difficult one for BTC Norlin Racing. The free practice sessions showed a lot of promise so the team were feeling confident of a successful end to the afternoon.

Chris and Dave were starting to find their rhythm at Donington Park qualifying and were putting in quick laps, however Colin Turkington’s 125i M Sport had a water leak, which dropped fluid over the circuit which saw a number of cars spin off the track. The red flag was brought out which put a stop to Chris and Dave’s quick laps.

Once the green flag was waved there was six minutes remaining of the session which was not enough time for either of the Cruzes to get back into the thick of the action.

The afternoon finished with Chris Smiley in 22nd and Dave Newsham in 24th. Afterwards, there was a breach of technical regulations for two other cars, which means that the Cruzes move up to 20th and 22nd respectively.

Whilst the afternoon was frustrating after such a promising afternoon, the team are committed to working their way up the grid on Sunday and showing exactly what the team have to offer.